Outline04Lectures7-8 - BIS101-001/Engebrecht Spring 2010...

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BIS101-001/Engebrecht Spring 2010 Outline04Lectures7-8: Genetic Linkage and Mapping Thus far, we have examined how genes segregate and influence each other. We will now extend our definition of the gene to include residing on a fixed location on a chromosome. Reading in Chapter 4, 115-125 in 8 th edition or Chapter 4, 129-140 in 9 th edition. I. Genetic linkage: Linkage is defined as two genes that reside on the same chromosome in close proximity to each other. a. Morgan’s experiments that first demonstrated linkage between 2 genes on the X chromosome (Handout05GeneticLinkage) . II. Genetic linkage of genes on autosomes a. cis and trans configuration of markers III. Recombination a. Meiosis and linkage b. Recombination: Genetic map units are defined as the % recombinants/total. This is expressed in centiMorgans (cM), which is named after Morgan. c. Double crossovers. IV. Genetic Mapping: using crosses to quantify recombination frequencies by examining recombinant phenotypes. The more markers, the better the resolution. Heterozygousity is
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Outline04Lectures7-8 - BIS101-001/Engebrecht Spring 2010...

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