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BIS101/Engebrecht S10 Outline07Lecture13 DNA Replication Reading in 8 th edition Chapter 7/236-249; 9 th edition Chapter7/275-291. I. Semiconservative mode of replication Meselson/Stahl experiment II. Basic Mechanism of Replication DNA is synthesized by the addition of nucleotide to the 3’-OH of the sugar from a primer nucleotide in a template-directed manner using Watson/Crick base–pairing principles. DNA grow in a 5’ 3’ direction. III. Replication in E. coli a. Major Replication Proteins DnaA : This is the initiator protein. DnaA binds to oriC at a specific sequence and wraps the AT rich DNA around itself to separate strands and begin the process of replication. DNA helicases : The DnaB helicase is essential for replication in E. coli and is loaded after the initial unwinding of DNA by DnaA. Helicases use the energy from ATP hydrolysis to break the hydrogen bonds between the paired bases. This unwinding is necessary for the synthesis of the new strand of DNA. Single Stranded Binding Protein (SSB)
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Outline07Lecture13 - BIS101/Engebrecht S10...

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