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Outline08Lecture14 - Sickle cell anemia III Genetic fine...

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BIS101/Engebrecht S10 Outline08Lecture14 Genetics of Gene Function Reading in 8 th edition Chapter 6, 186-192 and Chapter 5, 166-170; 9 th edition Chapter 6, 230-235 I. One gene-one enzyme hypothesis: Beadle and Tatum’s experiments in Neurospora a. Complementation analysis b. Defining gene order in biochemical pathways II. Relationship between gene mutations and altered proteins
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Unformatted text preview: Sickle cell anemia III. Genetic fine structure mapping see Handout13Phagecross a. A return to Benzer’s studies of T4 rII mutants b. Deletion mutants for efficient mapping of mutations IV. Gene as functional unit a. Complementation analysis (again!) b. Functional definition of a gene...
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