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BIS101-001/Engebrecht Spring 2010 Handout01BasicGeneticTerms This is a review of basic genetic terminology that we will use throughout this course. Read Chapter 1 assignment thoroughly if this doesn’t seem familiar to you; your text also has an excellent glossary. Please note that outlines and lecture notes will define additional terms as relevant to lectures. allele - variant of a single gene variations in the DNA sequence lead to variations in the gene product produced. allele frequency – a measure of the commonness of an allele in a population. chromosome – a linear end-to-end arrangement of genes and other DNA, with associated protein and RNA. continuous trait– trait for which their is an unbroken range of phenotypes (continuous variation). dimorphism (dimorphic trait)- two variants of one gene determine two contrasting discrete phenotypes for a specific trait. discontinuous trait - a character is found in a population in two or more distinct and separate forms (phenotypes). diploid
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