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BIS101/Engebrecht: Experimental Proof that DNA was the Hereditary Material Handout11 The experiments by Griffith (1928), Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty (1944), and Hershey and Chase (1952) established that DNA is the genetic material. Further work by Gierer and Schramm (1956) and Fraenkel-Conrat and Singer (1957) demonstrated that RNA was the genetic material of Tobacco Mosaic Virus. These historically important experiments are described partly in the textbook on pages 242-244 (Figures 8.1-3). Please read these pages in your textbook. This handout emphasizes some important general concepts and adds information that is not found in the book. I will only briefly cover this material in lecture, but you are responsible for the content of the aforementioned pages in the book and for this handout. 1. Transformation experiments by Griffith (1928) Griffith used three strains of the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae . The strains IIS and IIIS were virulent and killed the mice after infection. Strain IIR derived from strain IIS by mutation and as a consequence lost its virulence. When strain IIR was injected into mice, the mice survived. When strain IIIS was heat-inactivated, it lost its capacity to kill mice after injection. A mixture of heat-
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Handout11DNAHereditaryMaterial - BIS101/Engebrecht...

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