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BIS101/Engebrecht S10 Handout18 Transcription and other processes at the RNA level EUKARYOTES PROKARYOTES monocistronic monocistronic and polycistronic Initiation TATA box at around -25 in most genes -10 and -35 sites for RNA polymerase and sigma factor binding 3 dedicated RNA polymerases 1 RNA polymerase many accessory factors different types of sigma factors enhancers and silencers for complex promoter and operator less complex and close to mRNA start combinatorial transcriptional regulation acting at a distance and 5’ or 3’ of mRNA start RNA processing 5’ 7-methylguanosine cap in mRNA
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Unformatted text preview: no modifications of mRNA 3’ poly (A) tail in most mRNAs introns and splicing no introns, no splicing RNA transport from nucleus to cytoplasm no RNA transport Termination RNA polymerase termination mechanism unclear rho-dependent and rho-independent termination cleavage of mRNA at AAUAAA signal Translation and other processes at the protein level spatially uncoupled from transcription tightly coupled with transcription 5’ cap mediates ribosome binding Shine-Dalgarno sequence mediates ribosome recognition extensive post-translational modification of proteins much less post-translational modification...
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