Lecture01 - BIS101-001/Engebrecht 3/30/10 Lecture01 We...

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BIS101-001/Engebrecht 3/30/10 Lecture01 We discussed class organization: please see syllabus and course information posted on SmartSite. I emphasized that the best way to do well in the course is to work through lots of problems and to ask lots of questions. I did forget to tell you that the lectures are being podcasted. In the BIS101D homework assignments, I will recommend problems from the book. The actual homework will be taken from questions asked in previous years on exams. Please be sure that you are enrolled in the correct BIS101D section: BIS101D-001 55041 M 3:10-4pm Chem 166 Barbara BIS101D-002 55042 T 4:10-5pm Chem 166 Barbara BIS101D-003 55043 W 4:10-5pm Chem 166 Adilla BIS101D-004 55044 R 5:10-6pm Chem 176 Adilla BIS101D-005 55045 F 11-11:50am Wellman 115 Adilla Note that T, W, and R sections all have openings. Discussion begins on April 5 – there is no discussion this week. To receive the participation points using the clickers you must attend class and answer the questions (it doesn’t matter if your answer is right or wrong) or miss answering a question or two. Starting next week, I will begin to count your presence – you can have up to 3 absences and still get full credit. The quiz is uploaded as a pdf in “Resources” “Test Information”. You must take it online by April 9 th . Genetics = the study of genes Genomics = the study of all of the genes that make up an organism .
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Lecture01 - BIS101-001/Engebrecht 3/30/10 Lecture01 We...

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