Lecture03 - BIS101/Engebrecht Lecture03 Announcements there...

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BIS101/Engebrecht Lecture03 4/2/10 Announcements: there is a special lecture Monday 4:10-5 in the Genome Center on germ cell sex. Still working out bugs with the online quiz. Discussion begins on Monday; we have not yet covered material to answer question 2. Think of it as a challenge question and give it a try. Hint: Mendelian ratios are observed, suggesting that there is just one gene involved in the different phenotypes. Heterogametic sex = sex with two different sex chromosomes, thereby generating two types of gametes (e.g., human males XY) Homogametic sex = sex with two copies of the same sex chromosome, thereby generating one type of gametes (e.g., human females XX) X and Y-linked genes behave differently in the two sexes. We discussed Morgan’s experiments that defined sex-linked inheritance. Although Mendel showed it didn’t matter where the trait came from (male or female), Morgan showed that doesn’t always hold if the gene is on sex chromosomes. He did the following crosses: P true-breeding red females x true-breeding white males F1 all red progeny (therefore, white is recessive) F2 females are all red; 1/2 males are red and 1/2 are white How does this compare to Mendel’s ratios? It is the same 3red: 1white. It only looks differently at first
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Lecture03 - BIS101/Engebrecht Lecture03 Announcements there...

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