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Quiz 5 solution - reduction are: Mn 2+ + 2e- Mn (s) E =...

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Quiz 5 solution Consider the reaction 3 Mn 2+ + 2 Fe (s) 3 Mn (s) + 2 Fe 3+ a) Is the reaction favorable as written? b) What is the voltage of a galvanic cell based on the this reaction? You need to know that the standard reduction potentials for manganese and iron
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Unformatted text preview: reduction are: Mn 2+ + 2e- Mn (s) E = -1.18 V Fe 3+ + 3e- Fe (s) E = -.036 V E = E (cathode) - E (anode) = -1.18 - (-0.036) = -1.144 volts The cell potential is negative, so the reaction is NOT favorable as written....
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