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Cognitive Psychology Homework 6

Cognitive Psychology Homework 6 - #$#$ 0#1)2#34 5#$#$/01#$...

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! !"#$%' ()*%+' !6 Kosslyn concluded that the image field is limited in size. This conclusion was drawn from the ____ experiment. 76 mental synthesis 86 mental walk -6 image scanning 96 mental set :6 In explaining the paradox that imagery and perception exhibit a double dissociation, Behrmann and coworkers suggested that perception necessarily involves ____ processing and imagery starts as a ____ process. 76 bottom-up; bottom-up 86 top-down; top-down -6 top-down; bottom-up 96 bottom-up; top-down ;6 Behaviorists branded the study of imagery as being unproductive, because 76 visual images are invisible to everyone except the person experiencing them. 86 the imageless thought debate was unresolved. -6 visual images vary in detail. 96 some people have great difficulty forming visual images. <6 Suppose we asked people to form simultaneous images of two or more animals such as a rabbit alongside an elephant. Then, we asked them basic questions about the animals. For example, we might ask people if the rabbit has whiskers. Given our knowledge of imagery research, we would expect the FASTEST response to this question when the rabbit is imagined alongside 76 a coyote. 86 another rabbit. -6 an elephant. 96 a fly. =6 Mental scanning experiments found 76 a positive linear relationship between scanning time and distance on the image. 86 that imagery does not represent spatial relations in the same way perceptual information does. -6 a constant scanning time for all locations on an image. 96 a negative linear relationship between scanning time and distance on the image. 56 Your text describes the case of Patient M.G.S. who underwent brain surgery as treatment for severe epilepsy. Testing of M.G.S. pre- and post-surgery revealed that the right visual cortex is involved in the 76 size of the field of view. -6 ability to draw objects from memory. 86 ability to visually recognize objects. 96 recognition of objects in the left side of space. >6 Research has shown that visualization enhances memory for pairs of objects. For most effective memory improvement, the object-pair images must be 76 both self-generated and bizarre. -6 bizarre. 86 interactive. 96 both interactive and bizarre.
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(*,-%$%.' /01+)*#*,1 2*3'4*56 7 : ?6 In their imagery study, Finke and Pinker presented a 4-dot display briefly to participants. After a 2-second delay, participants then saw an arrow, and their task was to indicate whether the arrow would have pointed to any of the dots in the previous display. The significance of their results was they called into question the ____ explanation of imagery. 76
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Cognitive Psychology Homework 6 - #$#$ 0#1)2#34 5#$#$/01#$...

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