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Cognitive Psychology Lab 6

Cognitive Psychology Lab 6 - The average person can hold...

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Gupta, Shivali Lab Instructor: Corinne Townsend Lab Time: Friday, 10am   Lab 6: Memory Span Basic Questions:  2. What three types of mistakes could one make in recalling the stimulus sequence that would  lead to it being scored as incorrect? One mistake a person could make is to recall too many items, that may not have been  presented to the participant. Another mistake a person can make is not correctly choosing the  words or letters in the correct sequence, for example two words or letters can have different  positions in the sequence when one tries to remember the sequence. A third mistake that a  person can make is recalling too few items.       3. Approximately how many items can the average person hold in short-term memory?
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Unformatted text preview: The average person can hold approximately seven (plus or minus two) items in short-term memory. Advanced Questions: 2. Typically, when the stimulus sequence consists of similar sounding letters, ones memory span is shorter than when the stimulus sequence contains of dissimilar sounding letter. Why might this be the case? This might be the case because when the word or stimulus sequence contains similar sounding letters then the individual might be confused in which order they were presented when having to recall all the words in their correct order....
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