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Cognitive Psychology Lab 7

Cognitive Psychology Lab 7 - 2 What is incidental learning...

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Gupta, Shivali Lab Instructor: Corinne Townsend Lab Time: Friday, 10am Lab 7: Levels of Processing Basic Questions: 1. In this demonstration, how are you asked to evaluate words that induce a shallow level of processing? How are you asked to evaluate words to induce a deep level of processing? The early or shallow stages of processing involve the surface characteristics of the stimulus, such as its appearance or its sound. The later or deeper stages of processes involve meaning or semantic characteristics. Therefore, in this demonstration, we are asked to evaluate words that induce a shallow level of processing by recognizing which of the words rhyme and if they are consonants or vowels. On the other hand we are asked to evaluate words to induce a deep level of processing by recognizing which words are synonyms; this process involves thought in order to determine the definitions of the words.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is incidental learning? How do researchers typically study incidental learning? Incidental learning is a process where the subject is unaware of the series of trials that are to come in the near future. For example, if a subject is participating in a study where memory is studied through levels of processing and the subject is told that there will be a memory test after the presentation of some of the words in the first trial then the subject might be using a different type of processing than the one that is attempted to be studied. Advanced Questions: 1. A friend reads you a phone number to put in your cell phone’s phonebook. Approximately how long do you have to put this number into your phonebook before you forget it? An individual has approximately 20-30 seconds to put the number into the phonebook before forgetting the number....
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