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Shivali Gupta Lab Instructor: Corinne Townsend Lab: Friday, 10:00 Lab 8: Serial Position Effect Basic Questions: 1. What is the primacy effect? Does your data show a primacy effect? Why or why not? The Primacy effect is the first few items that are remembered fairly well. My data does show the primacy effect because when looking at the chart with the presented word and the recalled word, I got only the first few letters. 2. What is the recency effect? Does your data show a recency effect? Why or why not? The recency effect is the last few items remembered. My data does not show the recency effect because in the chart with the presented word and the recalled word, I did not recall
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Unformatted text preview: the last few letters. Advanced Questions: 2. A technology company is holding open interviews from 8am to 2pm this Friday. You are very interested in the job and want to make sure you are remembered by your interviewer. Using what you have learned in this demonstration, what can you do to make this happen? Learning about the primacy and recency effect, a way you can be remembered by the interviewer is by being one of the first people to be interviewed or one of the last people to be interviewed....
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