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Gupta, Shivali Lab Instructor: Corinne Townsend Lab Time: Friday, 10am Lab 10: Link Word Basic Questions: 3. How does forming an interactive image between a concept you are not familiar with and a concept you are familiar with help with recall of the unfamiliar concept? The link word is a way of associating or linking two words together. It is based on the finding that when people form an interactive image between two concepts, one item becomes an excellent cue for retrieving the second item. Advanced Questions: 1. Using the link word method, what types of images are most effective in helping people remember? Using the link word method the most effective images in helping people remember are those that
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Unformatted text preview: correspond to the word that is being studied. For example, when a participant is learning a foreign language, the key is to form an interactive image made up of one object that corresponds to the English word and one that corresponds to the French. 3. In what other situation could one use the link word method besides learning a foreign language? For each situation you come up with, give an example of one of the images you might use. One might use the link method in a situation when trying to learn a huge list of words. In this case one might make associations between one word and the next word on the list, by forming a sentence to act as a retrieval cue....
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