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Chem 008 Quiz 14-15 - Bonus 1 point Draw the major product...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Chem. 8 Quiz 8 Spring 09 Name ___________________________________Name _________________________________ _ Q1 -1 point Circle the aromatic compounds. Bonus (1 point). Put an X through any anti-aromatic compound(s) Q4 -1 point Circle which of the following is most likely to be the first step in the general mechanism for electrophilic substitution reactions? - .. Q2 -1 points Draw the structure of 3-chloroanisole OClQ3 -1 point Name this compound: Ans: 4-ethyl-3-propylphenol OHCH2=CHCH=CHCH=CH2 Q5 & 6 points Make a table showing how each of the substituents in the compound below (OH, C=O, and NO2) is (a) position directing, (b) donating or withdrawing and (c) activating or deactivating.
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Unformatted text preview: Bonus 1 point: Draw the major product obtained from the reaction of the compound below with one equivalent of Br2 and employing the catalyst FeBr3. O HOCN+ O-O Ans: (Grading guide: For each substituent give 2 points if they get a completely correct answer. Give 1 point if they miss one of the characteristics and 0.5 points if they only give one correct characteristic.) OH is ortho directing, donating, and activating C=O is meta directing, withdrawing, and deactivating NO2 is meta directing, withdrawing, and deactivating Br O HO O CN+ O-O...
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