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ES BOOK COPIED - -Last service-Try to praise the mutilated...

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WEEK 1. -Sonny’s Blues 101 -Where are you going? Where have you been? 1155 - My Father is a simple man 162 WEEK 2. -A prayer for my daughter 152 -My papa’z waltz 156 -The Mother 157 -Daddy 493 -My Father is a simple man -The Gift 170 -Future Connected By 172 -Fences pg.179 WEEK 3. -The Birth Mark 314 -The Gilded Six-Bits 346 -Hills Like White Elephant 356 -A Temporary Matter 377 -Sonnet 138 -To his coy mistress 394 -Sonnet 43 -My last duchess 400 -Phenomenal Woman 420 -Barbie Doll 424 -Breaking Tradition 425 -Abbot Academy - Anniversary 428 -Home Bural 444 - WEEK 4. -A Doll’s House -Dead Men’s Path -The Management of Grief WEEK 5. -Richard Cory 665 -If We Must Die 670 -Dulce Et Decorum Est 672 -Buffalo Bill’s Defunct 673 -The Death of the ball turret gunner 677 -Do Not Go gentle into that good night 680 -Forgetfulness 685 -On The subway 686
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Unformatted text preview: -Last service -Try to praise the mutilated world 688-Young girls wash 753 WEEK 6 .-The Ones who walk away from omelas 949-A&P 955-Drama -On the Rainy River 963-How To Tell A True War Story 975-The Man I killed 986-The Undying uncertainity of the narrator 1020 in tim obriens the things they carried-Week 7:-The World Is Too Much With Us-For You O Democracy-If-The Unknown Citizen-The Conscientious Objector-Ringing Bells-Immigrants-In response to executive order 9066: All Americans of Japanese descent must report to relocation center.-Thinking As A Hobby-Raymond’s Run-And Of Clary Are We Created WEEK 8.-Oedipus Rex WEEK 9.-Holy Sonnet 14-Sonnet 16-The Lamb-The Tyger-Ulysses-God’s Grandeur-The Love song of J.Alfred Prufrock-Harlem-In A Place of a cruise- Carriers of the dream wheel-...
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