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ES essay1 - Anh Nguyen Leslie English 1B October 5 2009...

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Anh Nguyen Leslie English 1B October 5, 2009 Family Issues There are always many families that have their problems that they have to either go through or deal with here and there. Don’t you wonder what it’s like for other families if not your own? Unfortunately for some families they are greatly affected by the usage of drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol can lead to issues such as addiction, emotional, and social problems. Drugs may lead to seclusion or isolation of a family member. As for alcohol, it may create very abusive acts that harm families’ relationships. With that said, drugs and alcohol can cause many families to become dysfunctional. Drugs are very serious issues that do affect a major part of a family’s relationship. When one is on the usage of drugs it causes parents or siblings to worry which creates stress, anxiety, and conflicts. They stress trying to protect and watch over the person who is under the influence of drugs. That can soon easily lead into disagreements, argument, and fights. The victim may go through changes in life such as their personality which will harm others because they tend to either attack themselves or others around them. When one is in the possession of drugs it may influence or give access to either younger or older siblings. It is also hard for the parents because when they find out the will feel angry and overwhelmed that their son or daughter is under the influence.
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The addiction of drugs seems to create a sort of miscommunication, separation, or isolation within the family. According to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation “There was a mix of anger, sadness, anxiety, shame, social isolation and loss as parents, brothers and sisters struggled to adapt to the impacts of drugs on all their lives. This was greatly
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