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India essay for htt - India 1 India The future of...

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India 1 India The future of Ecotourism Stephanie M. Clapper Hum/130 Human Religions of the World Robert Vaughan University of Phoenix April 27, 2010
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2 India Kerala is a state located at the Southern part of India. It is a place mentioned in many parts of the Mahabharata , an infamous Asian epic . This place is a long shoreline with many serene beaches . It has an exotic and rich wildlife, picturesque waterfalls, sprawling plantations and fields .The place is rich with nature , culture and people . It is gifted with unique and beautiful geographical features that has made it one of the most visited , sought after and known tourist destinations in Asia .Kerala is peaceful and pristine . In fact, for many years it was considered as the cleanest state in India. It has the highest life expectancy rates and lowest mortality and infant rates . On top of that ,it has an equable climate which allows many people to enjoy the beaches .Also , Kerala 's exotic and delicious cuisines offer tourists a wonderful experience (Ramachandran , 1995 .However , the roads which network tourism in the area badly need improvements . The level of tourism potential of a place depends highly on the number of
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India essay for htt - India 1 India The future of...

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