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Attractions and Gaming

Attractions and Gaming - Sometimes you win and you lose at...

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Two historical developments that spurred the rise of the attractions and gaming sectors of travel and tourism are the circus, gypsies, and carnies actually gave birth to the rise of attractions and gaming sectors. The type of attractions that I enjoy is theme parks and tribal casinos because at they are both fun to me. At them parks they have rides that are thrilling to me plus some of them add in a water park. A casino lets you go and relax just for fun and they have restaurants that you can eat at if you are hungry.
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Unformatted text preview: Sometimes you win and you lose at a casino I just like the thrill of going to them. I think my mother would choose to go a racetrack and the casino because my mother love to have fun and she also loves horses. My grandmother likes to go to the casino so she would choose to go there. I am not sure what the rest of my family likes but I am sure that there is something there for everyone in my family. I would like it if there was something that all my family members could do together that we all could enjoy....
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