week6 team glove - Quality reliability and availability are...

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This document is to serve as the blueprint for a new hospital supply chain glove proposal. Developing an adequate supply of medical supply is the responsibility of the operations manager. The challenge is to maintain a sufficient amount of hospital gloves to support the demand of the clinical staff at the hospital. The hospital has an annual demand of gloves around 50000 units. The hospital has been with Econ Disposable Glove for some time, which there are many complaint with this company, beside paying a premium price for the glove, the local supplier Econ Disposable Glove could not meet the hospital demand, because of the inconsistently with the union issues. Econ Disposable Gloves are been well-informed that their service is unacceptable. To date their response to the hospital concern has not been reassuring. The hospital has decided to research other supplier, some oversea manufacturers in china that seem to offer the best price. The price is only one part in providing support to the staff in the hospital.
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Unformatted text preview: Quality, reliability and availability are equally important issues that will need to be taken in to account. Developing these goals, the team can continue to develop and investigate the market possibilities. In developing a different supply chain, several criteria will have to be mean, there are: An evaluation of the proposal that will have to included the Total Quality Management (TQM) techniques, financial forecasting, just in time compare to stockpiling supply, how to determine the appropriate application of inventory technique, and the benefits of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools. Exploring other sources of supply items will allow flexibility in purchasing and provide support at a reduced cost for the hospital. Langabeer, J.R. (2008). Health care operations management: A quantitative approach to business and logistics. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Inc....
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week6 team glove - Quality reliability and availability are...

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