Exam 4 - Imposition of order on disorder/culture on nature...

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Imposition of order on disorder/culture on nature Centaurs are portrayed as violent creatures. Centaurs were invited to the wedding of the Lapith chief, Pirithous. At the feast, the centaurs got drunk and attempted to carry off the bride, in addition to other female guests. The Lapiths won the battle and expelled the disorderly centaurs from Thessaly. Polyphemus was a Cyclops who was in love with the Nereid, Galatea. However, she was repealed by his monstrous appearance and sought refuge with Acis. In order to gain Galatea’s love, Polyphemus attempts to mend his savage ways by combing his hair and cutting his beard. He also played beautiful songs for her. * However, Galatea still refuses Polyphemus which causes him to throw a mountain on top of Acis. Polis/Oikos dichotomy Power differential in male/female relationships Certain goddesses (Athena/Artemis/Hestia) are able to appeal to Zeus in order to remain virgins. Father/daughter bond Icarius & Erigone
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Icarius had welcomed Dionysus so Dionysus gave him the gift of wine. When Icarius gave it to his people they believed they had been poisoned and killed him. His daughter Erigone, with her dog Maira, found his corpse and hung herself. Famine and plague descended on the land. When the oracle of Apollo was consulted he told the people to establish an annual festival in honor of Icarius and Erigone. Know thyself Arachne’s skill at weaving was comparable to Athena’s. Instead of being modest about her skill, she boasts that she is better than the goddess and challenges her to a weaving contest. Athena wins and transforms Arachne into a spider as punishment.`` * Athena recognizes that Arachne’s weaving was on par with
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Exam 4 - Imposition of order on disorder/culture on nature...

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