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Business Enterprise-Unit 2 assignment

Business Enterprise-Unit 2 assignment - of their shift...

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Business Enterprise, Unit 2 Assignment Ethical Behavior Life within itself posses many challenges, from what to wear or what to buy. Many of these challenges are relatively minor. However there are times when those challenges become more of an ethical dilemma. I have been in plenty of situations in life where ethics came into play. The question remains what do you do? Do you do the right thing, or do you accept what is presented in front of you? For example many years ago I worked for a company that required you to clock in and clock out. They provided you a pin number to do so. A co-worker of mine one day had asked me to do him a favor. Being that management never had a way to really track who used that pin number it was easy for employees to clock in and out for other employees. It seemed relatively easy, they would leave a couple of hours early and I would clock them out at the end
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Unformatted text preview: of their shift. However the question I asked myself was is it the right thing to do? What if I got caught? What were the consequences? I faced a pantheon of questions and really did not feel comfortable doing it. It wasn’t about the ethics, to me it was more about the principle. Meaning if today you ask me to do this, what would you ask me to do tomorrow? Subsequently that person left on the assumption that I was going to do them a favor. However I did not, as it turns out the individual in question left work and went to rob someone’s house. They investigated and found out that because I did not do him that favor it helped pin point his motive. Moral of the story here is this, if you do not feel comfortable doing it then don’t. Pride is a small price to pay in order to sleep comfortably at night....
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