week 2 Human Digestion Activity

week 2 Human Digestion Activity - and absorb fat (Human...

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Human Digestion Human Digestion Activity By Shannon Ryan University of Phoenix 1
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Human Digestion The start of the digestive system begins with the salivary glands. They activate at the sight and smell the food. Once the food passes into the moth, the teeth, tongue and salivary glands moistens and break down the food, called bolus, then it is able to go down the esophagus (Human Digestion Activity, 2010). The bolus then goes to the stomach where it is mixed with acid (Human Digestion Activity, 2010). The food now forms into a semi-liquid and is called chymel (Human Digestion Activity, 2010). Chymel departs from the stomach in 2 to 6 inches (Human Digestion Activity, 2010). Once it leaves the stomach, the chime goes into the small intestine where the nutrition from the food is absorbed (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). Bile from the liver and gall bladder will assist to digest
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Unformatted text preview: and absorb fat (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). Digestive enzymes and bicarbonate secretions from the pancreas also assist in the digestive process (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). Anything that is not absorbed in the small intestine will enter into the large intestine (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). The large intestine has a colon and rectum (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). In the colon, provides more absorption of water, vitamins and mineral (Human Digestive Activity, 2010). The remaining materials that did not absorbed are then eliminated from the body from the anus in the form of feces. Reference Human Digestion Activity, (2010). Retrieved on July 3, 2010 from http://cortrain.phoenix.edu/axia/sci241-digestivetract.html 2...
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week 2 Human Digestion Activity - and absorb fat (Human...

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