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NST110 Fall 2009 Plant Toxins Study Questions 1. Definitions a. goiter b. RXR c. mineralocorticoid/glucocorticoid d. endocytosis e. foxglove 2. What is the purpose of thyroid hormones? What is their mechanism of action? How do TRH/TSH/T3/T4 interact in thyroid hormone metabolism? 3. Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid hormone function. What steps of iodine metabolism do goitrogens block? How might a high intake of goitogens lead to thyroid cancer? 4. Erythrosine (color additive Red #3) also affects thyroid hormone metabolism. Which important enzyme does it inhibit (full name)? Why might this lead to thyroid cancer? 5. A diet consisting of high amounts of cassava results in the ingestion of compounds that are eventually metabolized to cyanide, which acutely inhibits cytochrome oxidase in the electron transport chain. However, chronic exposure to cyanide results in the metabolism of cyanide to other compounds. What are these? Make sure to differentiate the cyanide metabolites that can
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