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NST 110 Questions of the Day 1. If two compounds have the same TD 50 , does it have the same toxic level? principle of toxicology slide 10-14 and they might have different toxicities (i.e. headache and carcinogen) 2. Why is crack the preferred form of cocaine? Absorption slide 12,13 and 16 and the rate of absorption is increased because the body doesn't have to neutralize. (because the cocaine is not salt form) 3. When can wet skin become a hazard? (because increase the absorption of toxicants) Absorption slide 37 to 40 (especially 40 is important) 4. 9/8/09 QoD: Why do children absorb more Pb? Absorption and Distribution, slide 57 5. 9/10/09 QoD: How can one increase aspirin excretion? (aspirin has a COOH group)
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Unformatted text preview: Excretion, slides 8, 11 6. 9/15/09 QoD: Why is tylenol out of favor? What are ETOH effects on tylenol metabolism? Xenobiotic Metabolism: Phase 1; slide 21 7. Dose and excretion rate? Phase II, slide 6, 14 8. How to show dose overwhelms biotransformation? Toxicokinetics, slide 26 and exam 1#9 9. How does inflammation lead to toxicity? Mechanism of Toxicity Slide 4,24,25 10. 10/20/09 How is inflammation involved in toxicity? Mechanism of Toxicity, slide 25 11. 10/22/09 Is oxidative stress good or bad? Chemical Carcinogenesis, slide 20 Bioactivation and Gene Regulation, slide 24, 25 12.11/10/09 How to prove phytochemicals are active in plant? Diet and Cancer, slide 33 Knock out gene...
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