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Unformatted text preview: Instructors Manual, Chapter 6 Chapter 6 INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT KEY STUDENT QUESTIONS Students have very practical questions about international management - they want to know: t 1. What implications does globalization have for my job - what can I do to keep my job from being outsourced? 2. How does a manager know when to take a business global? While every industry is different, you can offer students the following advice: A recent article in Business Week outlines the skills that programmers need to find a job in the United States. 1 It seems that technical skills arent enough anymore. In order to be successful, programmers also have to show that they can lead and manage teams, think strategically, and become software architects, not just the implementers of someone elses vision. Most managers today dont really have the choice of whether or not to take a business global - as soon as they post their first corporate website, they are doing global marketing. What companies do have, however, is a choice about whether or not to target global markets over domestic ones. James F. Foley has written a book entitled The Global Entrepreneur , which discusses some of the reasons why companies decide to go global, including: o accessing markets beyond their domestic territory o avoiding a changing domestic environment, especially decreasing customer bases or when selling seasonal items o lowering costs o a strategic plan to increase global brand awareness, achieve worldwide distribution and manufacturing capacity, and exploit extranational economies of scale and experience effects. 2 CLASS PREWORK ASSIGNMENT Teaching Tip : Open class by putting students into groups of six or eight. Tell them that they will have five minutes to come up with a list of countries involved in the manufacture of the items they have with them, including clothes, school supplies, electronics, etc. Bring a small prize (or give a few extra credit points) to the team that has items from the most countries. This exercise illustrates just how global todays marketplace is. TT USING THE UNFOLDING CASE CAN KATUAKI WATANABE KEEP TOYOTAS DRIVE ACTIVE? 1 1 Baker, S. and Kripalani, M. Software:Will Outsourcing Hurt Americas Economy? Business Week, March 1, 2004, Online at 2 2 Foley, J. The Global Entrepreneur . Dearborn Trade, 1999. The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. 1 2 Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, 8 th E Teaching Tip : To start your conversation about the unfolding case, ask your students to write down the kind of car they drive, and to pick cost, quality, prestige, or styling as the main reason why they chose that car. Prepare a grid that contains the names of several large automakers (Ford, GM, Honda, Kia, Mazda, and Toyota) on the side and the reasons for car purchase across the top. Using the grid, tally the number of students falling into...
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CH6_InternationalMgmt - Instructors Manual, Chapter 6...

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