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CHAPTER FOURTEEN CHOOSING A GENRE: COMEDY MATCHING 1. Match the person with the most appropriate statement about him or her. Ming Cho Lee::The set designer of INTAR’s production of Dog Lady Milcha Sanchez-Scott::The playwright of Dog Lady Rosalinda Luna::The central character of Dog Lady Luisa Ruiz::The dog lady Mrs. Amador::The character whose rose garden gets demolished by dogs Max Ferra::The founding artistic director of the INTAR Theatre Jeannette Mirabel::The actor that played the role of Rosalinda in the INTAR production MULTIPLE CHOICE 2. Where did Milcha Sanchez-Scott grow up? A. She was born in Bali, sent to an English Catholic boarding school, spent summers in Columbia and finally moved to southern California as a teenager. B. Mexico C. She spent most of her childhood in South America, although she was born in Los Angeles. D. New York City, predominantly Ans: A Page: 416-417 3. Which of the following is not a ludicrous comedic example in Dog Lady ? A. The central character becomes possessed by the spirit of a dog. B. The winner of the marathon will get to meet the Pope. C. A character practices for a marathon by pretending to run around the world. D. The central character is a man masquerading as a woman. Ans: D Page: 415 4. Where does Dog Lady take place? A. China Town in San Francisco, California B. Old Town in San Diego, California C. A small barrio in Los Angeles, California D. The beach in Monterey, California Ans: C Page: 415 5. In Dog Lady , Luisa Ruiz is a curandera. What is a curandera? A. An oracle B. A healer C. A psychic D. A priestess
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Ans: B Page: 415 6. Which of the following is not true regarding playwright, Milcha Sanchez-Scott? A. She is Protestant. B. Her mother came from Chinese, Indonesian, and Dutch ancestry. C. Her father came from Mexican and Colombian ancestry. D. She once had to work as a field worker to pay for a costly prank she participated in at school. Ans: A Page: 416 7. Which of the following is not true regarding the blended language used by Milcha Sanchez-Scott in Dog Lady ? A. It contributes to the play’s humor. B. It gives the text a distinct flavor and rhythm. C. Some scenes are written in English and other scenes are written in Spanish. D. It gives the characters authenticity. Ans: C Page: 417 8. Which of the following is not true regarding magical realism? A. The language is characterized by extravagant lyricism. B. The characters are often surprised by extraordinary occurrences. C. There is an astounding degree of exaggeration.
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