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CHAPTER SIX THE DESIGNERS MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following is most significant about the set design for the Circle in the Square production of Metamorphoses ? A. A large pool of water provided the stage for much of the action of the play. B. The technical staff needed to install a three-ton swimming pool that could be lowered over the heads of audience members. C. There were 3,000 boxes stacked up at the front of the stage. D. There was a pool of blood that remained at the center of the space for the entirety of the production. Ans: A Page: 161 2. Which of the following is not true regarding designers and their work in the theatre? A. Most designers have talents that are shared with other visual arts. B. Designers are interpretive artists whose creativity must be used to shape the world of the play. C. A designer’s work should stand alone and separate onstage from the other design areas. D. Each designer must interpret the ideas of the plays with materials just as the actors shape ideas with their voices and bodies. Ans: C Page: 162 3. What is the first condition that governs the work of all designers? A. The text B. The director’s concept C. The actor’s spatial relationships on stage D. The nature of the theatrical space and its relationship to the audience Ans: D Page: 164 4. What is the performance space called if the audience sits opposite the stage, facing a rectangular form as if they were looking through one end of a box? A. Black box theatre B. Proscenium theatre C. Thrust theatre D. Arena theatre Ans: B Page: 164 5. Which of the following is an advantage of black box theatre spaces? A. They are flexible in their seating and playing configurations. B. They are fixed spaces that help keep staging configurations and expenses to a minimum. C. The audience gets to look down on the actors because they always sit higher than the stage.
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D. This is the most preferred playing space for most actors and directors. Ans: A Page: 166 6. Which of the following is not an option for changing sets during a performance in a thrust or arena theatre? A. Actors can change the set in a neutral persona rather than portraying one of their characters. B. The main curtain can be lowered, allowing set changes to occur without an audience seeing
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