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THE ART OF THE ACTOR – Test Questions MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. Which of the following is absolutely necessary for theatre to happen? A. A playwright B. A theatre C. An actor D. Costumes Ans: C Page: 111 2. What do almost all performers go through in order to succeed on stage, from Hopi Indians becoming kachina spirits, to Greek actors performing in masks to current day actors appearing on our stages? A. They must conquer their nerves. B. There is a transformation that occurs. C. They need costumes and/or makeup to play well on stage. D. They need to interpret their text. Ans: B Page: 112 3. What is meant by an actor’s “double” or “triple existence?” A. When a performing actor is aware of their own identity in addition to the character they are playing and perhaps an additional awareness of the performance and the audience B. When actors play two or three characters in one single play C. When an actor must create their own role while staying true to the playwright’s words and following the director’s directions D. When a professional actor works in several mediums at the same time – live theatre, television, film, and/or radio Ans: A Page: 113 4. Which of the following is not listed as an actor’s responsibility? A. To bring new ideas to the rehearsal process on a daily basis B. To create a theatrical language C. To maintain the health and flexibility of voice and body D. To sustain freshness in performance and execute repeated performances at a consistent level of quality Ans: B Page: 114 5. Which of the following statements is not mentioned in the text? A. Most auditions are highly competitive.
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Arnold5_TB_Ch04 - CHAPTER 4 THE ART OF THE ACTOR Test...

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