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Review Questions Chapter 14 Answer Key

Review Questions Chapter 14 Answer Key - Review Questions...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Review Questions Chapter 14 Answer Key 1. List the components of the lateral and ventromedial descending spinal pathways. Which type of movement does each path control? The components of the lateral descending spinal pathways are the corticospinal tract and the rubrospinal tract. The components of the ventromedial descending spinal pathways are the vestibulospinal tract, the tectospinal tract, the pontine reticulospinal tract, and the medullary reticulospinal tract. The lateral pathways are involved in the voluntary movement of the distal musculature. The lateral pathways control the fine movements of arms and fingers. The ventromedial pathways control the posture of the head and neck. 2. PET scans can be used to measure blood flow in the cerebral cortex. What parts of the cortex show increased blood flow when a subject is asked to think about moving her right finger? When subjects are asked to mentally rehearse finger movements without actually moving the fingers, SMA is active.
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