IMch10 - CHAPTER 10 Risk Management and Commercial...

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CHAPTER 10 Risk Management and Commercial Property—Part II TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE The Perils of Transportation The Liability of the Carrier The Carrier’s Liability in Ocean Transportation The Carrier’s Liability in Land Transportation Need for Transportation Insurance OCEAN TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE Major Types of Coverage Hull Policies Cargo Policies Freight Coverage Legal Liability for Proved Negligence Perils Clause Deductibles General Average Clause Sue-and-Labor Clause Abandonment Warehouse-to-Warehouse Clause Coinsurance Warranties in Ocean Marine Insurance Express Warranties Delay Warranty Trading Warranty Implied Warranties Seaworthiness Deviation Legality LAND TRANSPORTATION INSURANCE The Marine Definition Inland Transit Policy Trip Transit Insurance FLOATER CONTRACTS Bailed Property Business Floater Policies Block Policies Jewelers’ Block Policy Scheduled Property Floater Risks Contractors’ Equipment Floater Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Floater CREDIT INSURANCE Types of Credit Insurance Insurance of Bonds 1
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Credit Life and Credit Accident/Sickness Domestic Merchandise Credit Insurance Government Credit Insurance TITLE INSURANCE The Title Insurance Contract Defense Premium GLASS COVERAGE FORM CRIME CRIME INSURANCE AND BONDS Insurance versus Bonding Fidelity and Surety Bonds Types of Fidelity Bonds Bonds in Which an Individual Is Specifically Bonded Blanket Bonds Types of Surety Bonds Construction Bonds Contract Construction Bond Bid Bond BURGLARY, ROBBERY, AND THEFT INSURANCE Business Coverages Federal Crime Insurance RISK MANAGEMENT OF THE CRIME PERIL Assumption Insurance Case Study: Disaster Risk Management Disaster Risk Management Questions for Discussion 1. a. Worker was on outside of roof. Fire was on inside. b. Smoke in area where the fire was. c.
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IMch10 - CHAPTER 10 Risk Management and Commercial...

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