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3. 7. The one unit increase in the right hand side of constraint 1 improves the value of the optimal solution therefore, the dual price for constraint 1 is 1.5 11. The optimal solution does not change. The optimal solution changes to the right. The optimal solutions changes to the left. 15. The ranges of the optimality for the objective function coefficients change greatly. If the manufacturing cost increases to $11.20 per case for model A and the cost for model B to $5 per unit the optimal solution would change. 17. The optimal solution and the total profit contribution. If the other supplier offered to provide them with additional 500 pounds for $2 per pound he should be able to do it. It may let him be able to have more profit in the long run. 21. To determine how many reservations to accept in each rental class and how the reservations should be
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Unformatted text preview: allocated to room types. The demand by any rental class is satisfied. There should be 60 rental sin the super saver class, 30 in the deluxe class and 10 in the business class. I do think the free breakfast is a good incentive to have them upgrade to have them upgrade and make them more money. 27. GSI should schedule production for the new order in order to minimize the total production cost. The previous orders at the Tampa plant could be rescheduled in order to free up additional capacity for the new order. The correct cost would have a large effect on the optimal solution that was developed in part B and it would provide a profit on the total production cost....
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