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HW3pg2 - The Earth possesses an electricfield of(average...

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Unformatted text preview: The Earth possesses an electricfield of (average) magnitude 150 NIC near its surface. The field points radially inward. Calculate the net electric flux through a spherical surface surrounding. and Just beyond. the Earth's surface. -~II -7.67e+16 Nimsz The total electricflu>é from' a 'cubical box 27.0 cm on a side' is 1.60 x 103 N‘mZEC. What charge is enclosed by the box? _¢I 1.42e—oe C In a certain region of space. the electricfield is constant in direction (sav horizontal. in the x direction). but its magnitude decreases from E = 550 MC atx = D to E = 390 MC at x = 25 m. Determine the charge within a cubical box of side 2 = 25 m. where'tbe box is oriented so that four of its sides are parallel to the f-iel'd'lines (see the figure). -4I —El.ElSe—D7 _ ...
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