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HW16pg6 - (a Calculate the induced emf-¢v(b Calculate the...

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Unformatted text preview: (a) Calculate the induced emf. -¢v (b) Calculate the current flowing In the U- shaped conductor --m c)Calculate the external force needed to keep the rod' 5 .velocitv constant at that instant. -'-'H Neon signs require 11 kV for their operation. To operate from a 120 V line, what must be the ratio of secondary to primary turns of the transformer? -" What would the voltage output be If the transformer were connected backward? -«v Home My Assignments WehAsSlgnlEl 4 El E1997-2flfl3 by North Eamllna State Unlversity anons El ZDDE-Zfllfl by Pdlranced lnStmmlorIal Systems, Inc Ell fights resented ...
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