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HW17pg2 - (a What is the wavelength ef'a 29.25 X 109 Hz...

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Unformatted text preview: (a) What is the wavelength ef'a 29.25 X 109 Hz radar signal? -¢I 1.03 cm (l3) What is the frequency Elf an X—rav With wavelength 012 nm? -¢I 2.see+1e H2 The E field in an EM wave has a peak of 32.4 mij'. What is'the average rate at which this wave carries energy across unit area per unit time? -¢I 1.39e-06 Mm2 A spherically spreading EM wave cemes frem a 900 W seurce. At a distance of 9.0 m, what is the power flux of the electric field? -wfl 0.884- vwrn2 What is the rms value of the electricfield at this distance7 --II 18.2 Wm A 12.? mW laser puts out a narrow beam 1.80 mm in diameter. What is the average (rms)'value efE in the beam? -vfl 1370 Wm ...
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