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HW17pg3 - What is the average(rms value pr in the...

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Unformatted text preview: What is the average (rms) value pr in the beam? -~’I 4.57e—06 T A high-energy pulsed laser emits a li0-ns—lpng pulse pf average power 3.3 x 1011 W. The beam is 2.8 x 10'3 m in radius. (a) Determine the energy delivered in each pulse. IE1 (is) Determine the'rms value of the electricfield. _"I2.25e+09 Wm Who will hear the voice 01‘ a Singer first——a person in the balcony 50 m away from the stage, or a person 2300 km away at home whpse ear is next to the radio? Assume that the microphone is a few centimeters from the singer and the temperature is 20°C. ® the person at home whpse ear is next to the radio C' the perspn in the balcony Roughly how much sooner7 ...
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