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HW17pg4 - Q the person at home whose ear is next to the...

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Unformatted text preview: Q the person at home whose ear is next to the radio {I the person in the balcony Roughly how mum sooner? -~Ilo.1ae A radio voice signal from the Apollo crew on the Moon was beamed to a listening crowd from a radio speaker. If you were standing 52 m from the loudspeaker, what was the total time lag between when you heard the sound and when the sound entered a microphone on the Moon and traveled to the Earth7 -¢I 1.43 s Home My Assignments Webflsslgnfl 4.0 E 19912003 by North Carolina State University. Portions El 2003-2010 by fldvanced Instructional Systems. lnc. fill fights reserved. ...
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