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HW18pg3 - A solar cooker really a concave mirror pointed at...

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Unformatted text preview: A solar cooker. really a concave mirror pointed at the Sun; focuses the Sun‘s rays 16.6 cm In front of the mirror. What'is the radius of the spherical surface from which the mirror was made? -« cm How far from a concave mirror (radius 19.5 cm) must an object be placed if its image is to beat infinity? -" cm (a) If you look at yourself in a shiny Christmas tree hall with a diameter of 8.0 cm when your face is 40.0 cm away from it. where is your image? (Your answer should be ooSItive if the image is in front of the hall‘s surface, and negative if the image is behind it.) -" cm from t e hall's surface (in) Is your image real or virtual? CI real 9 virtual .[ ...
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