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HW19pg2 - (a What is the speec of light in crown glass7-4I...

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Unformatted text preview: (a) What is the speec of light in crown glass7 -4I 1.97e+ee my's (l3) What is the speet Elf light in ethyl alceheel'? -II 2.21e+DEl my‘s Ourhearest star (etherthah the Sunlis 4.2 light years away. .That is..it takes 4.2 years ferthelight te.reach Earth. How far away is it in kilometers? _-’I 3.98e+13 km How long does it take |ight.te_ reach us from the Sun, 1.50 1 ms km away? -VIE mm A flashlight lJearn strikes the surface at a pane ef glass (h = 1.50) at a' 73° angle tn the nerrnal. What is the angle ef refractien'? -VIED (from thenerrnal) ...
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