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PSY2012 Dr. Garner Fall  2007 Review Question Assignment # 2 Due in class when you take Exam 2   For each chapter, please answer the following questions.  I have chosen some, but not  all, of the key conceptual concepts that need to be understood well in order to succeed  on the exam.   Please note:  this alone will not be a sufficient study tool for the exam.  You will also need to work through your study guide using all lecture notes and the text. Chapter 3:  Perception 1. What is the difference between “ sensation ” and “ perception ”? 2. Give an example of a “ color context ” effect and describe what you would see. Chapter 5:  Learning 3.     In Classical conditioning, what is a  conditioned response
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Unformatted text preview: ? Give an example. 4. In Classical conditioning, what is “ extinction ”? Explain by giving an example. 5. In Operant Conditioning, what is the difference between a positive and a negative reinforcer . Explain and provide a unique example (not from the notes or your text) of each. Chapter 6: Memory 6. What is constructive processing? What does this mean for eyewitness testimony? 7. According to lecture, what is “ long-term potentiation ”? What kinds of things interfere with it? Give one example. 8. What is the difference between “ declarative ” and “ non-declarative ” memory? Define and give an example of each....
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