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PSY2012 Dr. Garner Summer A 2007 Review Question Assignment # 1 Due in class when you take Exam 1  (or the first day you come back to class if you  must miss the exam) For each chapter, please answer the following questions.  I have chosen some, but not  all, of the key conceptual concepts that need to be understood well in order to succeed  on the exam.   Please note:  this alone will not be a sufficient study tool for the exam.  You will also need to work through all lecture notes and the text.   Remember to use   complete sentences, type, and staple your work if there is more than one page. Chapter 1:  The Science of Psychology 1. Describe  one  of the early “schools” of Psychology:  name it, and explain their  view of humanity or what they studied.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Describe the modern Psychodynamic perspective. 3. What is the main disadvantage of using correlations ? 4 Give a unique (not one from lecture or the text) example of a “ negative ” correlation. Chapter 2: The Biological Perspective 5. With regard to action potentials , what does the phrase, “ all or none ” refer to? 6. What is the difference between the “ central ” and “ peripheral ” nervous system? 7. What abilities or behavior does the hypothalamus control and where in the brain is it located? 8. In terms of drug categories, what is the difference between an “ agonist ” and an “ antagonist ”? Contrast by explaining how each works on neural receptors....
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