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General Psychology - TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE PSY2012(3 Semester Hours GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Fall 2007 Section 003 Reference 53574 Instructor

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PSY2012: (3 Semester Hours) GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Fall 2007, Section 003 Reference # 53574 Instructor: Dr. Lisa Garner Phone: 201-8781 Email: [email protected] Office Info: Location: Bldg HSS, Rm 222 Office Hours: MW : 8-9am & 10-11am; TR : 8-10am & 12-1pm; F : 10-11am; M : 2:30-3:30pm Class Time/Location: MWF, 9:05-9:55 am; Bldg. HSS, Rm. 107 Catalog Description: Prerequisite: satisfactory completion of College Preparatory English (ENC 0020) and College Preparatory Reading (REA0001) or appropriate placement score. Designed to introduce the study of behavior to both majors and non-majors. Interrelates personality, learning, perception, nervous system, emotion and other factors of human behavior. Lecture 3 hours. Written work (1,000 words minimum) is required. Required Text: Ciccarelli, S.K., & Meyer, G. E., Psychology . Pearson / Prentice Hall. Web Assisted Components: This section of PSY2012 is a Web Assisted course. This means that you will need to get online and access the course BlackBoard site on a regular basis in order to read important course announcements obtain lecture outlines, take-home assignments, study guides, and view your grades. If you do not have internet access at home, you may use the computer labs on campus. Course Goals : To meet the general requirements of the college. To provide students with a fundamental understanding of psychology and human behavior. To assist students in understanding how psychological processes are relevant in everyday life situations. To develop and/or enhance students’ critical thinking abilities in order for these skills to be applied in academic and life situations. This includes the ability to apply theories or concepts to practical problems or new situations and the ability to analyze the basic elements of an idea, experience or theory. To broaden students’ appreciation of individual differences and diversity in our society. Performance Objectives : The student will be able to: Understand the basic principles of Psychology; Gain insight into human behavior by recognizing how biological, emotional, developmental, cognitive and social factors influence themselves and others; Use critical thinking abilities and gained knowledge to apply theoretical concepts in psychology to concrete examples or real-life scenarios; and Appreciate individual differences and cultural diversity. TCC’s Writing to Learn Mission Statement: Writing is the responsibility of the student and the entire academic community. Writing is an indispensable part of the process of discovering ideas and constructing knowledge. Writing, reading, and critical thinking skills are interrelated, and therefore, central to learning within all disciplines. CLAST SKILLS:
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General Psychology - TALLAHASSEE COMMUNITY COLLEGE PSY2012(3 Semester Hours GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Fall 2007 Section 003 Reference 53574 Instructor

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