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Critical Thinking Paper Instructions - PSY2012 MWF Fall...

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PSY2012 MWF Fall 2007 Instructions for writing the Critical Thinking Paper The paper is due in class Mon. 10/1 ; 2nd submissions are due, in class, Mon. 11/19 The Critical Thinking Paper is your written analysis and summary of one of two Psychology articles listed below. The purpose of this assignment is for you to 1) expand upon the material presented in lecture and in the text, 2) gain exposure to current issues in the field of Psychology and 3) learn to think critically about issues in Psychology. This assignment also supports TCC’s Writing to Learn Mission (see syllabus). FORMAT : There is no word count, per se. However, in order to cover all of the material needed for your paper, it will probably need to be at least 4 typed, double-spaced, pages in length . For full credit, you must respond to all of the question prompts, provide well-thought-out, detailed examples, and adhere to the required organization for the article you choose (pages 2, 3). You do not need to provide a bibliography or use APA format . SPECIFICS FOR TURNING IT IN: You will need to turn in TWO copies of this paper . Each needs to be typed, double-spaced and stapled. Please also put a cover page on top with your name and the class (PSY2012 MWF). Please do not put your name on any of the other pages. Put both copies, and a copy of the article inside a folder with pockets . If these standards are not met, you will be required to resubmit the assignment and will be subject to the late penalty. ** CAUTION : Plagiarism is a serious offense. No points will be given for portions that rely too heavily on the author(s)’ words and are subject to additional serious penalties .
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GRADING : Your paper will be worth 200 points and the points will come from two sources: 1. Content = 0 to 150 points 2. Writing Quality = 50 points (S) or 0 points (U): One copy of the paper will be graded by me and will be given a Content grade (it is worth up to 150 points ). The other copy of your paper will be screened by TCC’s Writing Center
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Critical Thinking Paper Instructions - PSY2012 MWF Fall...

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