7.16Example - The airline would like to know how to...

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Data 1st class Business Economy Max. Seats (qty) 190 Revnue 1600 1100 500 Probability High demand 0.4 25 60 210 0.3 12 30 170 low demand 0.3 5 9 150 Decision Variable 2 1.5 1 Seat Distri. 1st Bus Eco Manipulate row 12 30 121 HIGH 12 30 121 163 MED 12 30 121 163 LOW 5 9 121 135 Total Rev: HIGH $45,080.00 High MED $33,810.00 Med LOW $23,520.00 Low AVG: $34,136.67 Total $102,410.00 Obj. Function Max. Rev: 0.4(1600*FC+1100*BC+500*EC)+0.3(1600*FC+1100*BC+500*EC)+0.3(160 Max. Rev: $102,410.00 Constraints Acutal Limit Max Econ 121 190 Max Business 9 126 Max 1st 5 95 Integer Non-Neg Central Airline would like to determine how to partition their new aircraft serving passenger into 1st class sea economy class seats, if they fo not partition any section for 1st and business class seats. A section can be pa class seats. The business-class section can also be included but each of these seats takes away space of 1. yeild $1100 and economy class will yeild $500 revnue. Historical demand indicate that demand for seatd obe will be a demand of 25 first class, 60 business and 210 economy class seats.
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Unformatted text preview: The airline would like to know how to partition the aircraft into first, business and economy class seats. to max determine the optimal configuration of the space in the aircraft into 3 classes. What is the optimal configuratio =190-1.5*D18-2*C18 Intensity of passenger Demand 1st class Demand Business class demand Economy class demand medium demand 00*FC+1100*BC+500*EC) ats, business class seats and economy seats. The plane has room to construct 190 artitioned off for 1st class seats but each of these seats takes the space of two economy-.5 economy-class seats. A 1st class ticket will yeild $1600 revnue, Business class will eys the distribution shown in table below, ex: 40% probability on any given say that there ximize the revenue. Conduct and solve two stage linear optimization model that will on of the aircraft?...
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7.16Example - The airline would like to know how to...

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