Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 32

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 32

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xxxii Preface only gave suggestions and a critical rending of many section'; but. most impor- tantly, provided continuous support and encouragement throughout the course of this project. Don MacLaren (cornpositon) and Yvette Raven (CD-ROM user interface design) made large contributions to this new edition. Bernard Goodwin (Pub- lisher) of Prentice Hall was extremely helpful and supportive throughout. There are three people who need special mention as they helped pull everything together as we rushed to meet the printing deadline. Julie Nahil, Full-Service Production Manager at Prentice Hall. provided encouragement. attention to detail, and a great sense of humor that was greatly apprecinred. Janet Peters was nor only a meticulous proofreader of the page proofs, but also added many valuable editorial and other comments and suggestions. Brian
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Unformatted text preview: Vicente put out extra effort so help finish so many details with the CD-ROM and also provided a number of drawings in the text. Thanks Julie, Janet, and Brian for your added effort. Laura Bracken is so much a part af this manuscript. I appreciate her excellent deciphering of equations and scribbles, her organization. and her attention to detail in working with the galley and copy edited proofs. Through all this was her ever-present wonderful disposition. Thanks, Radar!! Finally, to my wife Janet, love and thanks. Without her enormous help and support the project would never have been possible. HSF Ann Arbor For updates on the CD, new and exciting appIicatiws, and typographical errors for this printing. see the web site: www. engin, umich. edd-cre or ww.engin.umich.edrJ-cre/fogEerdGgumen...
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