Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 51

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 51

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Sec. 1.4 Continuous-Flow Reactors 19 As with the PFR, the PBR is assumed to have no radial gradients in con- centration, temperature, or reaction rate. The generalized mole balance on spe- cies A over catalyst weight AW results in the equation In - Out + Generation = Accumulation The dimensions of the generation term in Equation (1-14) are (rL)AWz !notes A moles A . (mass of catabsr) = - (time) (rnass of caraly.~r) ~irf~e which are. as expected, the same dimensions of the molar flow rate FA. After dividing by AW and taking the limit as A W -+ 0. we arrive at the differential Use differential form form of the mole balance for a packed-bed reactor: of dmgn equation for cataIy<t decay and pressure drop. When pressure drop through the reactor (see Section 4.5) and catalyst
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Unformatted text preview: decay (see Section 10.7) are neglected, the integral form af the packed-cata- Iyst-kd design equation can be used to calculate the catalyst weight. Use integral fnrm only for no AP and no catalyst decay. W i s the catalyst weight necessary to reduce the entering molar flow rate of species A. F,,. to a flow rate FA. For some insight into things to come, consider the following example of how one can use the tubular reactor design Equation ( 1 - 1 I). Exumpk 1-1 How Large Is it? Consider the liquid pha.re ris - rrrrrls isomerizafion of 3-burene cis-2-butene runs-2-bu tene which we will write symbolically as 1 A - R The first order (-r, = kc,) reaction is carried nut in a rubular reactor in which the volulnezric flow mte, c, IF constanl. 1.e. . I? = E ) , ~ ....
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