Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 53

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 53

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Sec r 5 Industriat Rsac!ors I U~ing the conditions a ihc entrance ef the reactor that when V = 0, Ben C, = C,,,, 1 A+B I 3. We want to find the vo:olume. V,, at which C, = --C,, for k = 0.23 min-I and c ,, = 10 dmJlmin. I0 V C,= C,,,exp - (kV/~*l I Substituting C*,,, C,. y,. and k in Equation (El-1.5). we have - 5f:d5 , J:( ,V k r C, Carrying oul the integration of Equation (E I - 1.4) gives We see that a reactor volume of 0. E rn' is neceshary to cnnven 904 of species A entering into product B for the parameters given. In the remainder of this chapter we look at slightly more detailed draw- ings of some typical industrial reactors and point out a few of the advantages and diradvantages of each.' 1.5 Industrial Reactors When is a batch Be sure to view actual photographs of industrial reactors on the CD-ROM and reactor ur~d'' on the Web site. These are
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Unformatted text preview: also links to view reactors on different web sites. The CD-ROM also includes a portion of the K.slml Ei~cyclopen'ia of Equip- ment-Chemical Reactors developed by Dr. Susan Montgomery and her students at University of Michigan. d Links [I] Liquid-Phase Reactions. Semibatch reactors and CSTRs are used primar- ily for liquid-phase: reactions. A semibatch reactor (Figure 1- 151 has essentially the same disadvantages as the batch reactor. However. it has the advanrages of temperature control by regulation of the feed rate and the capabifity of minimiz- ing unwanted side reactions through the maintenance of a Iow concentration of one of the reactants. The semibatch reactor is also used for two-phase reactions in which a gas usually is bubbled continuousty through the liquid. Chern. Eng., 63(10), 2 l 1 ( 1956). See also AlChE MoritlEar hstn~crion Series E, 5 (1984)....
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