Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 63

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 63

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Chap. 1 Ouestions and Problems 31 PI-10, How can you conven the general mole balance equation for a given species, Equation { 1-4)- to a general mass balance equation for that species? 1 We are going to consider the cell as a reactor. The nutrient corn steep liquor enters the cell of the mrcroorganlsm Penirillfunl chnsngenum and is decom- posed to form such products as amino acids. RNA. and DNA. Write an unsteady mass balance an (a) the corn steep liquor. Ib) RNA. and (c) pencil- lin. Assume the cell is well mixed and that RNA remains inside the cell. PI-12, The United States produced 32.59 af the world's chemical products in 2002 according to "Global Top 50." Cherniraf rtnd Engrrleerin~ Nen:~. July 28* 2003. Table PI-12.1 lists the 10 most produced chemicals in 2002. TABLE PI-I? I. CHEUICAL
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Unformatted text preview: Reference: Clnentirrr I urrrl E r ~ g i ~ r t ~ r i t l p NPII,S. July 7 . ?Oil?, htl/~://p11/7.~.(1~.~.0~fi/c't~~d (a) What were fhc I 0 rnoxt pmduced chemicals for the year that just ended7 Were there an\: sipnifica~lt chanfes from the 1995 qtatist~cs? (See Chapter I of 3rd edi~ion of El~rnents o j CRE.) The Fame issue of C&E Nm:r ranks chenircal companies as riven in Table PI - 12.2. (b) What I0 companies were tops in <ales for the year jusr ended? Did any significant changes mcur cnmpared to the 2002 statist ~cs? (c) Why do you think H,SO, is the mosl produced chemical? What are some of its wes? (d3 What is the current annual production rate Ilblyr) of ethylene, ethylene oxide. and benzene? (e\ Wh?. do you su\pect there are \r) few organic chcniicals rn the top 10?...
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