Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 64

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 64

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Mole Balances Chap. Dew Chemical Dupont ExxonMobil General Electnc Hunt~man Corp. PPG lndustrie~ Equistar Chemicals Chevron Phil lips Enstrnsn Cheti~lcal Prarair Refemnres: Rank 1002. Chrmirul ortrl E~tprneerirrx N~II's, May I?. 2003. Rank 2001 : CE~erniuul ~trd Et~,q[r~ccrin~ Neam3, May 13, 2002. Rank 2000 Chctnrtnl rir~d Errgrne~rirzg AVr~:ci's. May 7, 200 1. Rank 1994: Cl~emicfll ot~rl En#~nrcrir~g Ncu.~, May I. ?W. Itttp //psbs.ncs-or.y/retd P1-13', Referring to the text material and the additional references on comrnerciz reactors given at the end of this chapter. fill in Table PI - t 3. TABLT PI. 1.1 COMPARISON OF REACTOR TYPES kind.^ of ??pe qf Phuscs Reortor Chrrmct~risfics
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Unformatted text preview: Use Ar1rfl1~1rrgt.s Disodrctntugrs Batch -- CSTR -- PFR -- PBR -- PI-14, Schematic diagrams of the: Lor; Angeles basin are shown In Figure P I - 14. Thr Ucmbe- B basin R o o t covers approximately 300 square miles ( 2 x 10'"ff2) and is almos completely surrounded by mountain ranges. 1F one assumes an inversior height in fhe basin of 2000 ft. the corresponding volume of air in the basin i! 4x 1013ff3. We shall use this system volume to mode1 the accumulation anc depletion of air pollutants. As a very rough first approximation. we shall trea Halt of Fame the Lus Angeles basin as a well-mixed container (analogous to a CSTR) ir which there are no spatial variations in pollutant concentrations....
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