Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 65

Elements of Chemical Reaction ering 4th Ed - H. Scott Fogler 65

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Chap. 1 Ouestions and Problems Q~~cants manklim or hills C.A. vo Wlndfm SFde view Figure PI-14 Schematic diagmrns or the Loc AngeIes basin. living Efample Prob!em We shall perform an unsteady-stale mole balance on CO as it is depreted from the basin area by a Santa Ano wind. Snnta Ana winds nre hrgh-velocity winds that originate in the Mojave Desert just to the northeast of Lw Angeles. Load the Smog in Los Angeles Raslin Web Module. Use the data in the mod- ule to work part 1-14 (a) through (h) given in the module. Load the living example polymath code and explore the problem. Fur part (I), vary the parameters D,,, n, and b. and write a paragraph describing what you find. There is heavier traffic in the L.A. basin in the mornings and in the eve- nings as workers go to and from work in downtown L.A. ConscquentIy, the flow of CO into the L.A. basin might be better represented by the sine func- tion over a 24-hour period. PI-ISB The reaction is to be carried
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Unformatted text preview: out isothermnl!y in a continuous-flow reactor. Calculate both the CSTR and PFR reacmr volumes necessary to consume 99% of A (i.e. . C4 = O.OICA,) when the entering molar flow rate is 5 molfh, assuming the reac- tion rate -rA is: mol (a) -r, = k with k = 0.05 - (Am.: V = 99 dm3) h . dm' (b) -rA = LC, with k = 0.0001 s-I dm' (c) -rA = kc: with k = 3 - (Ans.: r/csre = 66,000 dm") moE . h The entering volumetric flow rate is TO ddlh. (Note: FA = C,u. For a constant volumetric flow rate v = v , , then FA = C,u,, . Also. C,,, = F,dv, = [5 rnol/hl/llQ drnJlhJ = 0.5 molldrnJ .) (d) Repeat (a). (hl, and Ic) tocalculate the time necessary to consume 99.9% of species A in a 1000 dm3 constant volume batch reactor with CAo = 0.5 molldm3. P1-16* Write a one-pangraph Pummary of a journal articIe on chemical kinetics or reaction engineering. The articIe must have heen published within the lasr five years. What did you Iem from this article? Why 2s the article important?...
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